What makes us stand above the rest...

  • 20+ years of building & project management for an exclusive clientele
  • State Certified General Contractor
  • Our world-renown team of design professionals
  • Detailed knowledge of contractors, vendors & code requirements
  • Proven leadership techniques & incredible attention to detail
  • Numerous successfully completed residential & commercial projects
  • Work published in multiple architectural & design magazines

Conducting  Masterpieces

A professional orchestra needs a conductor who unifies and directs the gifted musicians in order to create harmony.  Similarly, a construction team needs one manager to unite talented professionals into a cohesive system, working together toward the successful completion of the project.

Built By Owner, Inc. is the conductor who will ensure that all the other elements fall properly into place.  We plan, organize, secure and manage every resource and detail of your project, giving you a timely, successful delivery, combined with peace of mind.